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My name is Ashley.

I was born and raised in Silicon Valley, and the new world of computers has always been a big part of my life. One of most memorable memories from my childhood was the loud sounds of air conditioners in a room full of supercomputers running at maximum speed at my dad's work. I remembered going into my dad's work and seeing hundreds of network cables all wound up and plugged into multiple devices. Though I was heavily surrounded by the technology of tommorrow, I had no interest in cables and circuits. My interests were more centered on drawing, coloring and art. I spent most of my free time drawing and had developed a decent talent for free handing. Later, I found an interest in photography when I took my first photography class in college. I enjoyed the art of taking photos and had a creative eye for it. However, photography and art wasn't my pursuit in life. I later found it to be computer science, after taking my first class in Java. I loved the thrill of finishing a program you'ved worked hours and hours on. Later I found a love for designing websites. One of the things I love most about creating your own website is how there are unlimited things you can do on your websites (i.e. animations, play a video, use google's and instagrams's API REST to search for photos tagged in San Diego). This versatility allows one to be very creative with their website.



One of my favorite phycial activities to do.

I enjoyed swimming and competing on my high school's swim team. The refresshing feeling after swim practice was always refreshing and a great stress reliever from school.


I enjoy a nice hike with friends.

One of my favorite hikes is the Lands end in San Francisco. It a very easy hike that give many great photo opportunies and I love the great views this trail gives of the Golden Gate bridge. One hiking trail that I dream on doing someday is Mission Peak. I heard it's a very challenging uphill hike. So I'm working on prepping myself for that hike so I don't faint.


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I love shopping for all kind of things. My favorite things to shop for are trendy new clothes, makeup, and anything to make organizing my belonings efficent.


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I enjoy spending leisure time in applying makeup to create a well blended, contoured, natural look. I take pride in how I look and one of my favorite makeup brands at the moment is Bare Minerals.


Cooking is an art and mediation for me. And after, delicious.

Currently, my favorite food to make is creme brulee.


I enjoy improving and working on my website.

I enjoy working on the style and look on the front end.


Donut Bun
My Grad Cap
Sutro Baths Ruins, SF
Santa Cruz
G Princesses @disneyland

Top 3 Motivational Quotes

Keep in mind: studying doesn't suck nearly as much as failing.
- unknown
When you want to Succed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be sucessful.
- Eric Thomas
If you're going through hell, keep going.
- Winston Churchill

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