I am a software Engineer

with a passion for front-end web develeopment and design.

  • Vain
  • Passion
  • Code

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Hover Feature

Learn how create a popup box that appear when you hover over a icon or picture. You'll learn CSS and Bootstrap basics.

San Francisco

See my SF adventures on my personal page. From hiking to food through words and appealing pictures. The pictures to the right are of Billy Goat Hill.

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Quick overview about myself.

See my about me page to learn more about me.

  • I enjoy traveling

    I've traveled to France, a little bit of Spain, Canada, and have visited at least half of United States. Recently, I've traveled along the south of United States and visited places like New Orleans, Chaco Canyon, and Death Valley.

  • I love coffee

    I enjoy hot and cold coffee drinks, as well as brewing my own cup of coffee to make some delicous vietnamese coffee.

  • I enjoy hiking

    I enjoy hiking in the early mornings, as well as in the evenings. I love the scenery and nature surrounding the trails because it so peaceful and relaxing. One of my favorite hiking trails is Lands end in San Francisco.

  • Photography

    I enjoy taking artistic and creative photos in my free time of food, nature, buildings, and clothes. I especially enjoy taking pictures of scenic views when I go hiking or traveling.

  • Food is love

    I primarily eat mexican and asian cusine, except for dishes that include seafood. Some of my favorite dishes to eat are beef pho, rolled tacos, and hot pot. And my favorites desserts to eat are crepes and creme brulee.

  • Cooking is fun

    When time allows, I enjoy making and crafting my food in a nice display, as well as eating it. I enjoy cooking ramen, breakfast, and rolled taco dishes, as well as baking cakes.

  • I love cats and dogs

    I love the company of a cat or dog, preferably a cat, but unfortunatly, I'm allegic to both cats and dogs. But that doesn't always stop me from petting their soft fur.

  • Music

    I enjoy listen to most music. I usually listen to EDM, pop, Kpop, R&B, hip hop, Khip hop, acoustics, and ballads. And occasionally, I enjoy listening to Jazz and classical.

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